I took a moment to reach out to some of my favorite peeps and ask them what they’d love for Santa to bring them for Christmas.  Some of them were serious, some of them were thoughtful, and some of them were downright nasty (Yes, I’m talking to YOU Demolition Man)!  Hopefully these bastards (I say that with love) will get all that they wish for!


Suzi Uzi – Black Road
I want Santa to bring me in-ear monitors or a sick ass Roland or moog synth

Vic Stown – Volcana
Hmm. I mean. There’s really a lot. Of course I’d love nothing short of people actually getting along no matter where they come from/walks of life, etc. But also, gear. It’s generally gear.
Like an Orange Rockverb 50. Or an EarthQuaker Devices Data Corrupter. Or any vintage Gibson. Or a million dollars is also okay. I’d settle for some mother fucking recognition.
I am the Charlie Brown of the Metal world. Nothing but rocks under the tree for Vic Stown.

Tony Dolan – Venom Inc.
Pussy. I like it but I want lots of lots.

Kevin Gale – Punishment
Sleep and no more of my family dying this year. I lost 2 and that’s enough.

Alex Kane
Ban all politics and religion globally and a Neve channel strip obviously.

Sarah Jane – Gorilla
A Lego Disney castle but really I want Santa to give me good health for the year. If he feels like chucking in some Legos, great stuff!

Myk Rudnick – Two Man Advantage
Money for new tattoos and a Crystalline Fox!

Jess – Jess and the Ancient Ones
New wool socks made by my grandmother!

Earl Walker Lundy – Shadow Witch
I want an Official Red Ryder Carbine-Action Two-Hundred-Shot Range Model Air Rifle ! … and a 2017 Farty Award for Album of the Year .

Michelle Schrotz – Brave
Time and creativity to finish our next album, more tacky holiday sweaters involving cats and good health for all my family & friends!



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