Former Purson mastermind/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Rosalie Cunningham has revealed some plans for her future endevours.  After the disappointing, yet amicable, breakup of Purson, many of us long time Purson fans wondered what would be come of Rosalie and the other members.  Guitarist George Hudson did a brief stint in a band called Flare Voyant while the other members seemed to keep a low personal profile since the split.  Just recently, Rosalie posted via the official Purson Facebook page recently and this is what she had to say:

As a diehard Purson fan, I can only say that I am anticipating some amazing things from Rosalie.  The way to short musical legacy left behind by Purson reminds me much of that of the band Jellyfish in that we got two amazing full length albums from the, a stellar EP, and some absolutely unforgettable live performances.  I am so lucky and happy that I got to see them the three times I did and I even have the shirt to prove it!  Best of luck to Rosalie in the future and you bet your sweet ass that The Brainfart will be keeping close eyes and ears out for Rosalie and whatever it is she has to offer to us.  If her past masterpieces are any indication, she will not disappoint us.


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