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In a brand new YouTube clip the band Kiss demand an interviewer from Mexico change his T-shirt.  The interview appears to take place pre-show at a Kiss concert.  The interviewer named Gustavo is seen holding :his microphone and wearing an Iron Maiden T-shirt, but the band ribs Gustavo with comments about his choice of dress.  Paul Stanley is first to point it out saying: “I have a question to ask you. Kiss is, K, I, S, S. This does not spell Kiss. Gustavo made a big mistake.” as Stanley points to the Iron Maiden T-shirt.

Gene Simmons then signals to someone off camera to get a Kiss shirt and says: “That’s not gonna work, I don’t want him to wear an Iron Maiden shirt.”  Gustavo seems a bit embarassed as the band requests him to turn his shirt inside-out, or turn it around.  Gustavo asks: “Do you guys want every journalist wearing Kiss t-shirts?”  “We love Steve (Harris), we love Bruce (Dickinson), we love Nicko (McBrain), we love ’em all. But you’re at a Kiss concert. It doesn’t show respect. You’re in our house.” answers Paul Stanley

Eric Singer is heard saying: “If you went to a Raiders game, you wouldn’t wear the other teams. You wear the Raiders.”  Simmons then adds: “We took that band out on their first tour. And Ac/Dc and everyone else.”

Watch the video below.  What do y’all think?  Was KISS just being snarky and it went too far or do you think that they were being truly sincere about this situation.  Either way, I think it was in poor taste to make that European interviewer so uncomfortable.


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