Former Purson singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist particpated in a fan chat on the Purson People Facebook and took some time to answer some fan questions.  It was really cool to see what Rosie had to say.  Read a transcription of the chat below.

Here is the question; will you perform Purson songs in future live performances as a soloist or new band?

I will definitely be performing a handful of Purson songs. I’ll probably rotate the set list so you get to hear lots of them and i’d like to try ones that we never did live too.


Is your new material already recorded or is the new band you are assembling going to record everything together? Glad I got to see Purson live 3 times and meet you all!

I’ve only roughly demoed it mostly, some songs are still on paper/in my head even. I usually go WAY overboard with the demoing process, to the point where it’s a fully releasable recording, and paint myself into a corner creatively. The way i’m feeling at the moment, I want to make the bare bones of the song as powerful as possible – if it can come across with just chords, lyrics and a melody then it’s there. I want to find musicians who can breathe life into them and let them develop organically. If I can do that successfully, I would like to record as a band.


Are there any books/authors that have influenced your life/musical direction?

Aldous Huxley and Herman Hesse are 2 favourites that have influenced my ideas for sure. More recently Leonora Carrington and Shirley Jackson. Surreal and haunting. I love books on ancient history, mythology, the occult… the cosmic serpent was a fascinating read and a cool 70’s book I found called Arachne Rising. Both find links and meanings in all kinds of mysteries from all time and space.


I saw your reply about performing Purson songs. This is so a good news! Do you have personal favourites that you want do play live?

I plan to tour with the new project, of course. Hopefully we’ll get out this year. I’d like to play songs we never got to do live like The Bitter Suite. I think we could extend it and make it more theatrical. Tempest and the Tide too. I think i’ll be shot if we don’t pull out Spiderwood Farm though.


I was shattered to hear about Purson’s demise.  Can we expect à posthumous release (live) ?

That’s a good idea! Something for us to think about if we can find the right live recording/get rights etc


.I was wondering if you would elaborate a bit on Purson’s breakup…when it happened, you had just finished your first(?) tour of USA and it seemed like you were really gaining momentum, then it was all of a sudden, over.

Hi Mark. It was our 2nd US tour actually. We were perpetually gaining momentum and then losing it due to bad planning. The biggest reason was that I couldn’t see a way out of certain business relationships without ending it all and starting again. It was getting very messy and getting us all down. There were, of course, other reasons – musical and personal. It wasn’t just me, there were others in the band who were not happy. Keeping a band together under near perfect circumstances is fucking hard enough but throw in all the industry shit and it’s not surprising that bands split.


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