Black Sabbath – 1992-08-09 Orpheum Theater, Boston [DOWNLOAD]

For this installment of Live Stuff, I have a real treat for y’all. A really awesome and rare Soundboard recording of Black Sabbath from their 1992 “Dehumanizer” Tour. In 1992, Ronnie James Dio and Vinnie Appice reunited with Geezer and Tony to bring back the classic Dio era Black Sabbath. This tour saw them playing in top form and sounding and looking absolutely amazing. When I saw this show in Atlanta, their opening act was Danzig which Sabbath made look like Nelson by the end of the opening track “The Mob Rules.”

The story behind this bootleg is that it was recorded by a local Boston radio station. The original tapes were given to a Black Sabbath fan and the rest is history. The band plays a monstrous set list featuring many Dio era songs along with some classic Ozzy era Sabbath. Dio just completely owns on this show and hearing him sing the song “Black Sabbath” just proves once and for all that Dio was the man! He nailed those tunes with more depth and conviction than Ozzy ever did.

Enjoy this gem!


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LAV says:

Too bad Tony and Geezer fell out with Dio after this tour. However, Dio fans got lucky the next year (1993) when the great and briliant Tracy G carried on the metal torch with the huge album called Strange Highways! And then on to Angry Machines (1996) – another diamond added to Dio’s legacy thanks to the mighty Tracy!
Tracy G is only second best in the world after Tony Iommi.

thegreatsouthernbrainfart thegreatsouthernbrainfart says:

I LOVED those two albums. What a way to come back. While not commercially successful, they were, as you said, diamonds. Great releases that I will have to re-visit soon! Thanks for stopping in Alex!

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