This years nominees for induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame was released today and to be totally honest, I found it to be a mixed bag:

Jeff Beck, Chic, Wanda Jackson, Little Anthony and the Imperials, Metallica, Run-D.M.C., the Stooges, War and Bobby Womack were the nominations sent to the mysterious panel of 500 voters who I am convinced don’t even listen to music.  Hey, just my opinion.  These are the same folks that put in Madonna and the Beastie Boys while TOTALLY over looking legendary groundbreaking performers such as Lou Reed and Alice Cooper every year since their eligibility.  Matter of fact, I don’t know that either has even showed up on a ballot yet which, once again, tells me that these folks are pretty clueless!

This years batch is not all that bad to be honest.  I can get behind Jeff Beck since he’s pretty much a legendary british guitar hero (even though Stevie Ray Vaughn made him look like an amateur on their 1989 tour together).  Run DMC I can get behind as well because of them really brining hip hop to the mainstream and putting it on the map along w/ the first crossover hit covering Aerosmith’s “Walk This Way”.  Metallica?  Give me a fucking break.  Why not induct one of the many bands that they pretty much stole their sound from?  Hell, why not induct fucking Motorhead?  Because Metallica probably has enough money to buy the Hall of Fame so why not right?  Hell, I even see Chic as being pioneers of that disco funk sound and Nile Rodgers alone has done some pretty amazing shit so what the hell.  But War?  Are you kidding me?  What the fuck did they do for Rock & Roll?  They gave us “Low Rider”.  Whoop Dee Fucking Doo!

You wanna impress me?  Put the choices out there and THE PEOPLE vote on it.  Let the people who actually buy music and listen to music vote on who goes into the hall of fame!  Hell, maybe then we’ll see Lemmy strutting up one day to accept Motorhead’s nomination, warts and all!


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James says:

oops, forgot Kiss. Put them in there too, dammit.

James says:

The Rock Hall of LAYME strikes again.

good, informative site –

Here are my 9 that should be inducted this year:

Stevie Ray Vaughan
Beastie Boys
Iron Maiden
Sugarhill Gang
Brian Eno
Alice Cooper
King Crimson

But that would simply be too much awesomeness to behold. I do agree with the picks for Jeff Beck & The Stooges. Every single Doo Wop one-hit-wonder? Fuck that shit. And Metallica? Honestly, yes, EVENTUALLY. Give them 5 years or so to catch up on all of the more deserving people who are not yet in there.

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