I still have a hard time believing that 1992 was 18 years ago.  Hell, I just had to get a calculator out to do the math so you know it’s been a long fucking time. In 1992, many Hard Rock/Metal bands were on their way about and not far from their unstoppable demise. While some bands were about to bid everyone farewell, others would saying hello only to be welcomed with opened arms and clinched fists.

In 1992, Skid Row was experiencing some much deserved success with their 2nd album “Slave To The Grind.” “Slave To The Grind” boasted a much heavier and darker side for Skid Row and the album earned them lots of respect in the Metal community. Even Slayer guitarist Kerry King stated that “Slave To The Grind” was one of his favorite albums of 1991. The band hit the road as a support act for Guns N’ Roses in the summer of ’91 and by the end of that year they were off and headlining their own tour. For their support act, the band picked a relatively unknown Texas Heavy Metal band called Pantera and this tour was a fucking juggernaut.

I remember being so pumped that this tour was coming to Atlanta but I also remember finding it odd that it was at the Fox Theater. My first thought was, “They are going to tear this place to shreds.” I wasn’t far off from that. Pantera opened the show with “Heresy” from their “Cowboys From Hell” album and for 45 minutes managed to rip the faces off of everyone in the Fox that night. If there weren’t many Pantera fans present at the show this night, by the end of the set nearly everyone was a Pantera fan. I even bought a shirt after their set I was so impressed. They played a couple of yet to be released songs and brought the house down with a double punch of “Cemetary Gates” and “Cowboys From Hell” which solidified their place as a force to be reckoned with.

My buddies and I anxiously awaited Skid Row to take the stage. What would they open with? We were all taking bets and I called “Slave To The Grind.” The band’s intro music was “Fight For Your Right To Party” by the Beastie Boys and this had everyone going nuts. The houselights went down to a sold out Fox Theater and with a 1-2-1234 count of drummer Rob Affuso’s high hats the band was off to a roaring crowd as they kicked into “Slave To The Grind.” Skid Row sounded so heavy and the stage production was huge. It looked like a bastard child of the KISS “ALIVE II” stage with ramps, stairs, lights and pyro so intense I could feel the heat all the way up in the front row of the balcony.

The band’s set list was literally right down the middle of songs from both their self titled debut and “Slave To The Grind.” The band added some fun covers into the mix such as The Ramones classic “Psycho Therapy” but it was the Slave To The Grind material that reigned supreme. “Slave To The Grind” was such a well written and mature album. Songs like “Mudkicker”, “Quicksand Jesus” and “Wasted Time” completely overshadowed songs from the debut like “Big Guns”, “Sweet Little Sister” and even “I Remember You ” making them look as stupid as they actually are in comparison. “18 and Life” was probably the only song played from the debut that seemed to have any conviction and even hold a candle to the “Grind” material. Looking back on it now, I would much rather have had them play maybe 3 songs from the debut, and more from “Slave To The Grind” than to stretch it out to include some of those other songs.

“Monkey Business” was the last tune before the encore and it kicked so much ass as Sebastian Bach hit that scream in the beginning filling the hall to a roaring crowd. I remember that song being so sick and heavy that it was without a doubt a highlight of the show. For the encore, they came back and invited Rich Robinson of The Black Crowes to play on “Train Kept A Rollin.'” Yeah, at the time I remember being really pumped but now that I think about it. The Black Crowes? Skid Row? Turns out they shared a few shows together in the past and Rich was a fan and good friends with the band so it all worked out. “I Remember You” was forgettable at best and “Youth Gone Wild” brought the house down as it was the song that broke them in. I can’t even listen to that song now because there’s something kinda weird about hearing 40-something year old guys singing “We are the Youth Gone Wild!”

All in all this show stands as a really fun and great show that I will always hold dear. It was a great night of hard rock and Metal and my introduction to Pantera. The band these days are playing with 3/5 of the original lineup and trotting from club to club. Their arena days are far behind them but evidently, they still close every show with “Youth Gone Wild.” I wonder if anyone has the heart to tell the guys that “Youth” is also far behind them.

Mouth For War
Fucking Hostile
A New Level
Primal Concrete Sledge
Cemetery Gates
Cowboys From Hell

Slave to the Grind
Big Guns
Here I Am
Makin’ a Mess
18 and Life
Piece Of Me
Drum Solo
Sweet Little Sister
Psycho Therapy
Wasted Time
Psycho Love
Quicksand Jesus
Get the Fuck Out
Monkey Business
Train Kept A Rollin’ (w/ Rich Robinson of The Black Crowes)
I Remember You
Youth Gone Wild

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perehan says:

I saw this show in Indianapolis. I can’t remember the date either, which is what led me to this blog…a friend and I were discussing our all time favorite shows and this one came up and I wanted to find the year. I know I still have the stub and I will check it later, but I was thinking that it was after Vulgar Display had been released (1992).

We were already Pantera fans, as well as Skid Row and Soundgarden who actually opened this particular show! We actually got treated to Cold Gin with all of Pantera and Skid Row on stage for the encore!!! It was so badass with Dime (and others) in Ace makeup!!! We even saw the same tour in Fort Wayne, Indiana, minus Soundgarden. and my buddy got pulled on stage, out of the pit, to sing with Sebastian on some crazy vocal break – NA NA NA NA NA YEAAAAHHHH!!!

Grim says:

omg i was at the fox that night pantera was unreal so was skids was a pantera fan not long before that show and from that show on was in my opinion greatest band ever

Rex says:

I saw Pantera & Skid Row @ The Myriad Convention Center in Oklahoma City on a Sunday in May of 1992. It was a killer show! The crowd was fucking Hostile that night. The pits were brutal as hell itself. There was one point where the whole front and middle section of the crowd was circulating counter-clockwise.
I remember I was hung over as hell from the weekend’s festivities when I got to the show.
At one point, after Skid row took over the stage, there was a big fight during a slow song and Sebastian stopped the show dead in it’s tracks to break up the fight, seriously! Also, between bands there was a 20 min or so break so my friends and I went out into the front part of the arena. While walking out, we saw a dude sitting/laying on the ground with both eyes swollen the fuck shut, in a puddle of blood and spitting out what looked to be a few teeth.
Anyway, yes, PanterA was one helluva an act to follow! They blew the place the fuck up and left it for Skid Row to clean up. I liked Skid Rows Slave to the Grind, however, don’t care much for the rest of their work.
Man, that was one killer show never to be forgotten!

Sparky says:

I saw this show in 1990, (I think) and bought tickets to Skid row with the advertised opening band as “Soundgarden”
As it turns out Spokane washington isn’t far from seattle, and for that one night they had prior commitments,, so they asked an mostly unknown band to open.

Turns out it’s Pantera.

I have to say I was only mildly aware of them, but they truly blew the roof off of the place.

So much so that even as skid row took the stage they where in awe.

To his credit Bach made his move to reclaim the crowd early by diving into the crowd, it mostly worked, but after Pantera .. damn thats a tough act to follow,

I know about 3 songs in they tried to play “I remember you” and where pelted beer cans and obscenities by Pantera incited crowd.
It almost got ugly, but they pulled it off. barely.

I enjoyed Skid Row, but damn talk about getting blown off the stage.. Pantera was so hard and raw,, I wouldn’t have thought they would ever be asked back as an opener.
Tough act to follow.
I’ll post my stub when I can find it, I still have it burried in a box somewhere.
Rock On,

thegreatsouthernbrainfart says:

Sparky, this was indeed an awesome show! Thanks for popping in man. Hope you’re diggin’ the blog.

pat says:

i was at this show in johnstown pa!!!! great memories wish i could remember the date lol

thegreatsouthernbrainfart says:

If you can’t remember the date, it was a great show then, haha! Thanks so much for checking in!

Art says:

In 1992 I was oblivious that anything was on its way out. I thought alternative bands would be permanently stuck at the Cotton Club and hard rock would always be at the Omni. By `93 and `94 it was all to clear it was no longer `88.

The hurrahs for Skid Row have always baffled me, though, because to me they were very much cut from the same cloth as Warrant, as they appeared at the same time and seemed to dress in the same black-and-red color scheme. Bach gets a lot of credit as a singer but I always thought he blew. Maybe I’ve been missing something with this second album, though.

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