Just a few weeks ago, a Facebook page popped up for Florida Metal band Saigon Kick offering up hints of a reunion. Phil Varone (drums), Matt Kramer (vocals), Jason Bieler (guitar/vocals) & Chris McLernon (bass/vocals) are listed as the band members of the page and if this is true, this will mark the first time Saigon Kick has been together in line up since 1993.

This news got me really pumped up as I believe Saigon Kick to be one of the greatest bands that never made it. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking. “Ewwww, they had that “Love Is On The Way” song…” Yeah, well fuck you if that’s all you know about this band. Saigon Kick is responsible for putting out two of my all time favorite albums: their self titled debut and their 2nd album “The Lizard.” The songs were melodic, dark and beautiful all at the same time. Songs like “What You Say”, “Colors” and “ICU” showed the bands ability to use really killer harmonies and melodic choruses and hooks while songs like “Hostile Youth”, “Freedom”, “Ugly” and “Body Bags” showed that they could get as heavy as anybody could with heavy guitars and lyrics that could get down right dark and scary at times. These guys were terribly overlooked for the right things and acknowledged heavily for a song that is nowhere near as amazing as the other things they did.

After being frustrated with the creative direction of Saigon Kick, Matt Kramer took a hike leaving the band in the hands of Guitarist/Singer/Songwriter Jason Bieler. Bieler took the reigns and delivered a bunch of uninspired albums that made me totally understand why Kramer left the band. In 2000, Kramer, Varone, and original bassist Tom DeFile resurrected the Saigon Kick name for a short tour but Jason Bieler was MIA. Bieler was busy with his band Super TransAtlantic and wanted no part of a reunion. He was replaced by former Left For Dead and current Slaughter guitarist Jeff Blando which in my opinion was not a great move because it’s the vocals of Bieler and Kramer that truly make the Saigon Kick experience something to behold.

Matt Kramer went on to release his fantastic solo album “War and Peas” album in 2002 which received some stand up reviews and rightfully so. It was a great example of what Kramer was capable of doing on his own two feet and the result was stellar. Kramer was joined by former Saigon Kick drummer Phil Varone for a few one off appearances but that was pretty much the end of Saigon Kick.

Now here we are, 2010 and the rumors are flying high about a reunion. I can only hope that all parties involved have grown up and changed to realize that there is some amazing music from the past to be shared with a new generation and hopefully some amazing music to be made in the future. While I’m trying not to get my hopes up, my hopes are high for one of my all time favorites. C’mon guys! Pull it together, let bygones be bygones and bring it back home to the fans old, new and future.

Check out the videos below that ARE NOT “Love Is On The Way.”

Saigon Kick – What You Say
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Saigon Kick – All I Want
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Saigon Kick · Hostile Youth
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