It’s hard to believe that its’ been nearly a year since Dream Theater drummer Mike Portnoy dropped a huge ass bomb on his band and fans that he was leaving the band.  For those that have been reading this blog, you know how I feel about Portnoy and his self indulgent high and mighty self but that’s beside the point.  Anyways, nearly a year later, Dream Theater has decided to document the search for a new drummer via a web based “reality” type show/documentary which can be seen at the ROADRUNNER RECORDS YOUTUBE site.  Some friends have asked me what I think about this.  I personally think it’s really cool and a really necessary move on the bands part.


You may be asking me why I think it’s necessary that they do this.  Well, it’s not just necessary but really smart of the band.  For years, Portnoy was the big ass mouth, I mean voice, of the band and was the connection to the fans.  With Portnoy gone, it seems that the band realized that they would have to step up and be a unified voice for Dream Theater and what was going on.  Portnoy seemed to have diarrhea of the fingers as he posted lengthy Internet  rants and whoa is me posts as Dream Theater as a band managed to keep pretty silent.  This worked for them in a huge way.  Portnoy played the kicking brat that couldn’t get his way and had his toys taken away from him.  He’s had his chance and now Dream Theater is having theirs with this documentary.  Kudos to them for this.  This episode is the first episode and the next will air TOMORROW on the Roadrunner Records site.  I will also post it on the blog for all the Fartheads to keep up with!  Mike Mangini has been rumored as the chosen one to replace Pooboy and this documentary seems to be pointing in that direction.  Is this going to be it?  Or will they shock us all and hire Tommy Lee of Motley Crue or maybe even Bun E. Carlos of Cheap Trick?  Hm.  This is going to get really interesting!


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