2011 was a great year full of great music and great live shows. You all are going to hear just what some of my favorite things of 2011 were but have you ever wondered what some of the Brainfart’s favorite people were listening to? I decided to check in with members of Gypsyhawk, Holy Grail, Six Shot Revival, Kyng and LoNero to see just what they were all listening to the most of in 2011. The funny thing was the most of them messaged me back saying that they didn’t hear a lot of great stuff in 2011 so I told them to just list whatever it was they listened to the most in 2011 no matter when it was released. It was an interesting mix of music ranging from Death Metal to the folk music of yours truly (thanks Bill!). This was really a lot of fun so enjoy these lists. If anything, maybe these lists will inspired you to broaden your horizons.

Andrew Packer of Gypsyhawk

Red Fang – Murder The Mountains
Saviours – Death’s Procession
Revocation – Chaos of Forms
Green And Wood – Devil’s Plan
Wizard Smoke – The Speed Of Smoke
The Devil’s Blood – The Thousandfold Epicentre
Death – Individual Thought Patterns (reissue)
Obscura – Omnivium
Glitter Wizard – Solar Hits
Kvelertak – S/T


Erik Kluiber of Gypsyhawk

Steel Panther – Balls Out
Korpiklaani – Ukon Wacka
Tyr – The Lay of Thrym
I Decline – Time to Shine
Witch Mountain – South of Salem
Venomous Maximus – The Mission


Eli Santana of Holy Grail

Machine Head- Unto the Locust
Trivium- In Waves
The Black Dahlia Murder- Ritual
Steel Panther- Balls Out
Junius- Reports from the Threshold of Death
Arch Enemy- Khaos Legions
Glassjaw- Our Color Green
Born of Osiris- The Discovery
Amon Amarth- Surtur Rising
The Lonely Island- Turtleneck and Chain


Mark Manley Phillips of Six Shot Revival

Dreaded Marco- Classy
Nashville Pussy – Say Something Nasty
Beitthemeans- Head Held High
Black Sabbath – Masters of Reality
Motortrain- Straight Six
Guns N’ Roses – Appetite for Destruction
Led Zeppelin- Pressence
Them Crooked Vultures
StoneRider- Fountains left to wake
The Sword – Warp Riders


Tony Casteneda, Eddie Veliz and Pepe Clarke of Kyng

KYNG -“Trampled Sun”
Mastodon -“the Hunter”
Opeth- “Heritage”
FooFighters- “Wasting Light”
Anthrax- “worship music”
Graveyard- “Hisingen Blues”


Bill Lonero of LoNero

Frank Sinatra – A Swingin’ Affair
Waylon Jennings – The Eagle
LoNero – J.F.L.
Don de Leaumont – This is Wooden Music
Metallica – Lulu (just kidding)
Elvis Presley – 2nd to None
Joe Satriani – Crystal Planet
My Chemical Romance – The Black Parade
HIM – Dark Light
Randy Travis – Passing Through

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