Welcome to the first installment of a new section called “You Should Be Listening To…” There is so much music out there that it is nearly impossible to hear it all. Even here where I do album reviews, interviews and what not with many bands it’s still hard to keep it all together. The point of this feature is to pick a band and introduce you to them by describing them, giving you an album to start out with and a little bit of information on them. Some of these bands may be defunct and some of them just may be kicking ass right under your nose and you don’t even know it. So settle in and check out what the Brainfart thinks you should be listening to.

You Should Be Listening To: Silvertide
Website: N/A
Dates Active: 2001–2009
You’ll like Silvertide if you like: Guns N’ Roses, AC/DC, The Rolling Stones, Jet
Best Album To Start With: Show & Tell

Silvertide was a kick ass band who was here today and gone later today to the dismay of their fans. The band released an EP called American Excess in 2003 but it was the release of 2004’s Show and Tell that really rocked my face off. The band’s first single “I Ain’t Comin’ Home” was chock full of AC/DC raw riffage and a singer who had a voice that could rip paint off of walls. The band was a rootsy, gritty and heavy grooving outfit that reminded me of all the great qualities of bands like Guns N’ Roses, AC/DC and even a touch of Rolling Stones swagger for good measure. Silvertide was picked to be the opening act for Motley Crue on their 2005 tour but this did little to bring the band the attention they so deserved and by 2009 the band was dissolved for good. Silvertide, like many bands before and after them, were here and gone before anyone knew it. They did managed to leave behind a fantastic album full of gritty, no frills hard rock n’ roll that should be played at every high school kid’s house at full blast while his/her parents are out of town for the weekend. You should be listening to Silvertide because it’s just fun, brainless rock n’ roll the way it was meant to be made.


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chris g says:

ive only heard i aint coming home, and that is from a psp demo that my mother in law gave me, but from what ive heard of them from this song , they are a awesome, overlooked group out today. i hope they continue to make good music like i aint coming home.

thegreatsouthernbrainfart thegreatsouthernbrainfart says:

Chris, this album is fantastic and it’s a must own. So many great songs on this one!

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