Welcome to another installment of “You Should Be Listening To…” There is so much music out there that it is nearly impossible to hear it all. Even here where I do a lot of album reviews, interviews and what not with many bands it’s still hard to keep it all together. The point of this feature is to pick a band and introduce you to them by describing them, giving you an album to start out with and a little bit of information on them. Some of these bands may be defunct and some of them just may be kicking ass right under your nose and you don’t even know it. So settle in and check out what the Brainfart thinks you should be listening to.

You Should Be Listening To: Christian Mistress
Dates Active: Currently Active
You’ll like Christian Mistress if you like: Black Sabbath, Corrosion of Conformity, Coven, The Devil’s Blood, Classic NWOBHM bands
Best Album To Start With: Possession

Olympia, Washington’s Christian Mistress, in my opinion, is one of the most perfect bands to come out in a long fucking time.  Joining the ranks of bands like Graveyard, Holy Grail, Gypsyhawk, and 3 Inches Blood, Christian Mistress are preservers of the classic heavy metal sound forged by the great NWOBHM (New Wave of British Heavy Metal) bands of old.  Lead be the smokey, raspy vocals of lead singer Christine Davis, Christian Mistress delivers dark, occult themed metal with classic, twin guitar attacks on songs such as “Haunted Hunted”, “Pentagram and Crucifix”, and my personal favorite and stand out track “Black to Gold.” If I really had to describe Christian Mistress to someone I would have to say that they would just have to imagine 1980 Iron Maiden infused with some Sabbath and a lot of pot.

Another thing I love really love about Christian Mistress is the fact that they let the music do the talking.  I’m really getting pretty tired of seeing these female fronted metal bands using sex and a somewhat gaudy image to sell mediocre music.  Christian Mistress actually looks like the kind of people that would be pressed up against the stage at early Ruskin Arms Iron Maiden shows.  That’s not to say that lead singer Christine Davis isn’t attractive.  Trust me,  talent and subtlety is way more sexy than T&A in your face.  Christian Mistress is the real deal and this is a band that I will be watching very closely.


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