Motley Crue – Decadent In Tucson & Pasadena: 1982-’83 [DOWNLOAD]

Ok, so I know I love to rag on Motley Crue a lot but I have to say that this installment of “Live Stuff” is pretty fucking awesome. This particular bootleg came to my attention by one of my online buddies and because of the fact that soundboard recordings from this era of Crue are pretty rare I just had to pick it up. I was pleasantly surprised as I dove into this one at just how fucking cool Motley Crue sounds. At this point in time, Motley Crue had a lot to prove. They were touring for their 2nd album Shout at the Devil and they were trying hard to make their mark on the hard rock/metal world. They sound heavy, driven, and full of that fire that you can sometimes hear in these younger metal bands.

This particular recording is pulled from two different performances. Songs 1-8 are pulled from a stop in Tucson, AZ on the Shout at the Devil tour. The performances are pretty fucking great with all instruments sounding damn near perfect in the mix. It sounds like this could’ve been recorded for a radio broadcast or something. Even Vince Neil, who is notorious for sounding like a drowning cat live, sounds pretty fucking good here. I mean, he’s not perfect but this is one of the best vocal performances I have ever heard him give. Songs 9-16 were pulled from a 1982 performance in Pasadena and features some rare/if ever played Too Fast For Love songs like “Starry Eyes” and “Merry Go Round.” What makes this collection a real gem though is the final song, “Hotter Than Hell.” I thought this was going to be a cover of the KISS classic but then as I listened to it I heard right away that it was indeed “Louder Than Hell” (which would not appear on an album until Theater of Pain). It was cool to hear this song it it’s early incarnation as it really fit the vibe of the rest of the songs that they were performing at this point.

This is a really cool bootleg and it’s really a solid testament of just what kind of band Motley Crue was and could’ve been. I think it’s just a shame that they took the turns that they did to become the lame band that they are today. I would rather listen to this bootleg than listen to their actual studio albums as this really seems to capture the fire and the energy that this band once possessed.

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Art says:

I just listened to some of it and at the end of “Knock `em Dead, Kid” Vince says, “You are on the radio! We’re recording tonight!” So yep, that was recorded for the radio.

Lisa says:

I’m going to have to check this one out, being the huge Crue fan that I am.

thegreatsouthernbrainfart thegreatsouthernbrainfart says:

It’s a great show Lisa. You know how hard I am on the Crue and even I thought this was a really kick ass bootleg.