So this is one of those stories that no matter how hard you tried, you could not make it up. I’m not even sure how interesting it is to anyone but again, it’s a rock and roll story worth documenting.

So anyways, back in 1992 while living in Atlanta, me and some friends decided at the last minute to go see a Van Nuys, California based band called Rhino Bucket. They were one of our favorite bands and they were playing at the local club The Masquerade. If I recall, it was a Saturday night and it was like 1/10 full, maybe about 60-70 people. For those that don’t know, Rhino Bucket is a great band that put out a few albums that sounded eerily like Bon Scott era AC/DC. Great band and we were psyched.

Upon getting to the Masquerade, we see that the opening band was called “Edan”. We had never heard “Edan” and figured they’ll probably suck. Well, it turns out they really weren’t that bad, kinda had the Black Crowes thing going on (which at the time was very popular). So anyways, before their set, I head to the bathroom to take a leak. I’m just standing there taking a leak and all of the sudden this guy walks in and starts pissing next to me, it’s my buddy Art Howard from one of my favorite Atlanta bands, Zen. We get done taking a leak and we’re just hanging out in the bathroom talking when all of the sudden this guy walks in and introduces himself to us as Edan, obviously, the singer of the band Edan who we figured is named after him. So now there’s three guys hanging out in the restroom introducing ourselves and talking.

Art and I were just shooting the shit with Edan. We were asking him about being on the road and blah blah blah when all of the sudden he mentions that the band’s manager is none other than Richard Cole. Art and I just look at each other in disbelief and both say, “THEE Richard Cole? As in the LED ZEPPELIN Richard Cole. All of the sudden, if I recall correctly (Art, help me here if I’m missing something), in walks Richard Cole wanting to know where the fuck his band is that needs to get on stage in a few minutes. Edan looks to Richard Cole and goes “Richard, this is Don & Art”. We just look at him dumbfounded and shake his hand. We end up talking for a few minutes and then it’s back out front to watch Edan play a pretty cool 40 minute opening set.

Art and I regrouped w/ my other buddies in total disbelief as to what just happened. To make the story even better, it turns out that Edan’s full name is Edan Everly, as in, son of Don Everly of the legendary Everly Brothers and kid brother to Erin Everly who, by that time, was the Ex Mrs. Axl Rose. And just when you thought it couldn’t get any weirder, the drummer was the son of Frankie Avalon, the teen heart throb, the Beach Blanket Bingo pimp himself who I’m sure had his hand up Annette Funacello’s shirt many a time.

All of the sudden, watching Rhino Bucket just seemed to be small potatoes compared to what we just experienced. Actually, Rhino Bucket took the stage opening with “One Night Stand” and proceeded to kick my ass for nearly two hours of sweaty, nasty, loud rock & roll. I even hung out after the show with their singer/guitarist Georg Dolivo and was super pumped.

After all these years, this story STILL follows me and continues to be a great table story at lunch with friends old and new. Hell, this story may even not be 100% accurate because like all stories, they evolve and change with time. So Art, if you’re out there reading this… how close am I?

©Don de Leaumont 2009

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Sean Atkinson says:

Great to read of your experiences out on the road. I am friends with Richard Cole and run “Then Richard Cole Appreciation Society on facebook. So please feel free to join.

tim says:

this is a great story!

Art says:

That’s a good version of that story.

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