Vindicator – United We Fall
Release Date: July 9, 2012
Highlights: Gears of Fate, Man Undone, Bastards of Noise and Aggression, Fatal Infection, Hail to the Theif, United We Fall, At War With Thy Neighbor, Fire Escape,

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. The face of metal is changing rapidly and rising from the ashes are the sounds of all of these classic metal bands that I grew up listening to you. These new breeds of bands have grown tired of the cookie monster vocals, lack of talent, and emotion that so many of these modern metal bands are spewing into the airways. With their latest album United We Fall, Ohio’s Vindicator is preserving and bringing back the classic sounds that were the very foundation of heavy metal music with a message that is modernly relevant in this fucked up world that we are living in.

Lead by the snarling, teeth grinding vocals, and rhythm guitar playing of Vic Stone, United We Fall is a metal juggernaut that boasts influences of Metallica, Exodus, Nuclear Assault, and Megadeth just to name a few. The vocal, musical, and even lyrical influence of Megadeth is very much present but this not a bad thing at all. As I’ve said with other bands that tend to sound like a classic act, there are way worse comparisons you could make of a band. Vindicator is not afraid to wear their Megadeth influence on their sleeves and they use it to their advantage as they deliver a heap of metal that even Megadave himself may be a bit bummed that he didn’t come up with himself.

With their latest album United We Fall, Vindicator have something to say and they will not let up until their point has been made, taken, and digested. Choosing to use their music as a means to get things off their chest and vocalize their opinions, Vindicator addresses political and social topics of the modern age with songs like “Gears of Fate”, “Fatal Infection”, and “Hail to the Thief.” Vindicator even flexes their instrumental prowess with the classic, pre-suck era Metallica inspired closing track “Obsoletion.” This song was the perfect way to close the album. It’s almost like a mellow cool down after a massive heavy metal brain yoga session that leaves you feeling calm, collected, and wanting to go right back into it all over again.

United We Fall as a whole is a sonic metal masterpiece and has everything that I love about a great metal album. The songs are well written, Stone’s gnashing vocals completely crush my face, and lead guitarist James J. LaRue claims his ground as one of the greatest kept secrets in heavy metal. The guy plays his guitar like artist Bob Ross used to paint happy little trees. LaRue has a very smooth and fluid style while also managing to be subtly aggressive without being over indulgent or “out there.” There is nothing pretentious or egotistic about Vindicator. This is metal in its purest, most sincere form. These songs are powerful words backed by powerful music by a band that doesn’t cut corners or play it safe. They say what they mean and do it the only way they know how; honestly and very loudly.


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ps: the new Icarus Witch is killer!

thegreatsouthernbrainfart thegreatsouthernbrainfart says:

I’m hoping to hear it soon so I can review it for the website. I’ve been a fan of their last couple of a albums but I hear that this one is the best one they’ve done yet. I can’t wait to check it out.



got this cd as a result of this review…Ive been getting into power metal/modern melodic metal and passed this first…

but, shit, I was a huge fan of thrash back in the day…so this must rule…and your review pushed it over the edge…

it shall rock!

thegreatsouthernbrainfart thegreatsouthernbrainfart says:

Dude, I’m so glad to hear that my review swayed you in the right direction (where’s my cut Vic???). It’s a really fucking amazing album and I know you’ll dig the hell out of it. Lemme know what you think once you give it a listen! Bastards of Noise and Aggression is the fucking jam!

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