Expose Yourself on The Great Southern Brainfart!



Whoa, Nellie.  Settled down there.  What I mean is, how would you like to plug your awesome shit on The Great Southern Brainfart?

Are you interested in advertising your band, album release, festival/concert event, bat mitzvah, call out your cheating boyfriend/girlfriend, or whatever on The Great Southern Brainfart?  Well, if so, we’d love to have you!

Please email thegreatsouthernbrainfart@gmail.com for more information and we’ll talk shop!

About Don de Leaumont

Don (aka. The Brainfart) has been a heavy metal fan since hearing it for the first time in 1983. Don is also repsonsible for all of the typos, shitty grammar, and kick ass content on this site. Don likes cheap beer, whiskey, Coca Cola Icees, going to shows, and hanging with his kick ass wife, two cats and dog. He originally wanted to name his dog Shandi but his wife said, “No fucking way.”

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