rip jeff hannemanSlayer fans,

As you all know by now since it’s been posted all over the fucking internet, the Westboro Baptist Church had been planning on protesting the funeral of guitarist Jeff Hanneman who recently passed away at the age of 49 years old. Hanneman’s family announced that they would not be holding a public funeral but that there is a memorial service planned that will be opened to the public. “The Jeff Hanneman Memorial Celebration” will take place on Thursday, May 23 at the Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles from 3:30 – 7:30PM. The event is free and all ages are welcome.

The Westboro Baptist Church has for a long time been picketing the funerals of celebrities and those of us in the metal world will remember them doing so at the memorial service of the late, great Ronnie James Dio. Just like they did at Dio’s funeral (and every other funeral that they attend), they will more than likely be at Jeff Hanneman’s memorial waving their signs “GOD HATES YOU” and “GOD KILLED YOU.” I’m sure, to these folks, Jeff would say, “Of course God hates me” and “No, a fucking spider and years of partying like a goddamn king killed me you dumb fucks.”

I have been reading all kinds of posts online saying shit like, “Good luck to the Westboro Baptist Church facing a mob of Slayer fans.” I know Slayer fans are a pretty intense bunch of people but I also know that (for the most part) Slayer fans aren’t stupid. I already figured out that a lot of folks think that violence against these people is going to be the answer but it’s not. I truly believe that resistance is going to really be the ultimate fist in this battle. My buddy CJ (The Metal Motivator) Ortiz posted this video and I REALLY hope you all will watch it:

The Westboro Baptist Church is that annoying, bully kid, who just keeps poking us with sticks in hopes that we’ll lash out at them with violence. If we truly want these people to just go away, the last thing we need to do is to acknowledge their presence. Acknowledging them gives them power and to face them with physical and/or verbal violence brings them to the forefront even more attracting media attention.

Slayer fans, I hope that both myself and my buddy CJ have helped just a little bit here. I truly do believe that taking the high road here is of the essence especially to try and save the face and outlook on us as a counter cultural society. Metalheads over the years have beat the odds and blown away the stereotypes by rising above the odds and showing that we are really a good bunch of intelligent and knowledgeable people. To meet these people with violence and even words will be merely sinking to a the same, ridiculous, bellow it all level that the Westboro Baptist Church lives on. Do you really want to show them that we are better than they are? Then turn your heads away, keep the words and anger in, and know that it is for the good and for the better of us all as a unified family.

Take the high road, keep your heads up, and keep your horns up,
The Great Southern Brainfart

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AJ says:

I appreciate the “high road” sentiment, but I sincerely don’t believe I’d mind if photos of Westboro Baptist Church members’ heads on pikes were ever front page news.

I hope Slayer fans rip them apart. I want Sunset Blvd knee deep in the blood of dead Westboro church members. Turning the other cheek is for civilians and slaves.

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