onehourofmusicOne Hour of Metal is where I either put my iTunes on shuffle or tune into a metal internet radio station and for one hour I document what I hear. The good, the bad and the downright awful are always represented with honesty in this segment. Some hours are better than others as you will see in this series.

This time around I just put the iTunes on shuffle and let it go. Kind of like a Russian Roulette of sorts. Pretty scare because you never know just what your going to get. So let’s get started shall we?

Extreme – Evilangelist

Wow! Right out the gates I’m hit with an obscurity. I know that Waiting for the Punchline gets hated on a lot but this song is pretty fucking badass. It’s pretty dark and it still has that Extreme sound to it. It’s a shame this band’s fire burned out so fast. This band could’ve done so much more amazing shit. They made three amazing albums and one OK album but in all honesty, this song has me wanting to go back and give this album another listen. Great song.

Dream Theater – Paradox

Dream Theater covering Kansas and it was fucking killing it… until James LaBrie opened up his piehole. Man, I love LaBrie but he’s always hit or miss. There’s never any real middle ground to LaBrie and this is a good example of a big ass miss. Strike Three! YOU’RE OUT LABRIE. Go flip your hair brah.

Municipal Waste – Standards and Practices

It’s gotten to the point now that I can tell a Muni Waste song the minute it kicks in. This song is a fucking juggernaut of metal awesomeness and it totally has me wanting to stage dive off of my desk. Think my dog will catch me? This song rules face! Nuff said.

Avantasia – The Toy Master

I fucking LOVE Tobi Sammett and I love Alice Cooper so the two of these masters together just creates a huge ass awesomesauce goulash. Alice really shines on a project like this but it also shows the huge influence on musicians he’s had. This song sounds like something that could’ve been on Alice’s album The Last Temptation. This song is creepy as fuck and I love it. Classick Alice and classic Avantasia at it’s best!

Motorhead – I’m So Bad Baby I Don’t Care

Every time I think I can get tired of this song I hear it and its damn near impossible. IT just kicks as much ass as the first time I ever heard and it’s the song that just gets better with time. It’s a classic shot of classic rock n’ roll only Motorhead and serve up. Long Live Lemmy!!!!

Edguy – Every Night Without You

This could’ve been a huge hit back in 1989 or 1990. Tobi Sammett is totally old school and he is not ashamed to show his love for the classic hard rock and even glam metal power ballad. This song is awesome and just reminds me of how much influence the bands I grew up listening to continue to have on a later generation of bands. Great song.

The London Quireboys – Hey You (Live)

Add the Quireboys to the list of timeless bands. Back in the day, The Quireboys were the hard rock version of the Black Crowes with their Small Faces/Rolling Stones brand of rock and roll and this song from their 1989 Monsters of Rock appearance is a testament to just what a great band these guys were (and still are).

Black Sabbath – Over To You

Sabbath was doing some pretty strange shit on Never Say Die and this song is pretty proggy at times but it totally works. I love this song and it’s cool to hear all the layers of instrumentation, effects, and production. This album pretty much lost me as a kid but as an older dude who’s grown to love and appreciate progressive rock and metal this song really hits the spot. Great song and totally great vibe.

Iron Maiden – Burning Ambition

It’s so funny to hear Iron Maiden sound like this yet it’s the sound that helped forge one the most massive movements heavy metal has ever seen. It’s hard to believe that the same guy who wrote this song would go on to write “Rime of the Ancient Mariner.” This song isn’t their strongest one but it’s a kitschy, catchy lil ditty and I never mind hearing it. Not my favorite but enjoyable when it’s playing.

Warlock – Homicide Rocker

Not one of my favorite Warlock tunes but much like the previous Iron Maiden song, I can hear what important part Warlock played inspiring a whole generation of women to get out there, put on their gauntlets and kick some fucking ass. Just listen to DC’s A Sound of Thunder and you’ll hear a good dose of Doro Pesch and Warlock in their sound. Great music inspires great artists to make great music and while this may not be the best one from Warlock, it’s a signature sound and song nonetheless.

Forbidden – Forsake at the Gates

I’ll be honest. I totally forgot that I even had a fucking Forbidden album in my collection. LULZ. In all seriousness though, after hearing this song I know I need to back and listen to this one. This song just kicks all kinds of fucking face! Brutal to say the least.

Alice Cooper – Ghouls Gone Wild

HAHA. I love this. Only Alice Cooper can get away with doing something like this and make it awesome. This totally reminds me of something I would’ve heard in The Rocky Horror Picture Show or something which now that I think of it, I’m shocked that he wasn’t a part of that flick. Alice Cooper > Meatloaf any fucking day.

Powerwolf – Preachers of the Night

Ok, so I enjoyed this but the only problem with this was that I had no idea who it was until I looked at it. This could’ve been Blind Guardian or any number of epic Euro power prog metal bands. That’s not to say that I didn’t dig the song. I dug the hell out of it but it really lacked any kind of standout quality to it. Sometimes this shit can be a bit too much to handle but today it fit just fine. I’d give it a 7.

Helloween – Time Marches On

Goddamn this One Hour of Metal didn’t have one shitty song. What are the chances and to close out with one of my 5 favorite Helloween songs of all time just makes this day all the more better. Maybe I should play the lottery today or try my luck some other way. This song just kills my face every time and reminds me of how much I loved this band and wish they would reunite with Kiske and show everyone how it’s done. What a great way to end this hour of metal! I’m guessing the next time I do this will be 90% suck.


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