2105_46579103434_5391_nLocal metal promoter Hoyt Parris and his Pathfinder Promotions family have announced a fantastic metal show here to take place right here in Atlanta at the Masquerade.  The show will feature Christian based prog metalers Theocracy and joining them on the bill with be DC based band (and Brainfart faves) A Sound of Thunder and from Ft. Wayne, IN Valhalla.  Opening the show will be Atlanta’s own Thundershield.  Details about the bands are below:

THEOCRACY performs in Atlanta for the first time in 18 months to celebrate the re-release of their 2003 self-titled debut album! Returning home from a multi-week November tour of Europe, Theocracy will headline this night with tracks from each of their three amazing albums.

Returning from metro DC by popular demand will be A SOUND OF THUNDER, conquering metal realms ranging from ’70s blues-based proto-metal a la Black Sabbath and early Judas Priest, to triumphant modern power metal a la Hammerfall and Primal Fear. Soaring vocals, incendiary instrumentals, and classic songs combine to form an unrelenting, unapologetic slab of metal to stand the test of time.

Making their Atlanta debut and hailing from Ft Wayne, Indiana is VALHALLA – the ultimate shred-fest of guitars and keyboards. VALHALLA fits squarely in the progressive metal genre but yet has a completely unique & epic sound. The band formed in mid-2011 and has since recorded a very nice EP and will rock your face!

Kicking off the night will be the sophomore show by the reformed Thundershield with their dynamic new frontman Mikel Hutchings. Thundershield is the most ridiculous power metal this side of the Atlantic ocean! These guys LOVE traditional heavy metal, and it shows on stage and OFF!

This show is on the PURGATORY stage.
Ticket Info posted next week.


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