WELCOME TO TONY MARTIN TUESDAY! FUCK YEAH! If you’re just visiting for the first time and wondering, “What the fuck is Tony Martin Tuesday?” Well, here’s the 411. In the year 2015, the first and third Tuesday of each month will be known as TONY MARTIN TUESDAY. Why Tony Martin? Well, because he’s the fucking Cat and because Tony Martin fucking rules. Tony Martin is hands down one of my all time favorite hard rock/metal vocalists and since nobody else is doing so, I took it upon myself to honor The Cat himself! This time around we are going back once again to his pre-Sabbath band The Alliance with the song “Trying to Forget.”

Wow. Yet another hidden gem from Alliance and once again proving just why The Cat is one of the fucking best. This song is so fucking good. It’s melodic as fuck and it has one of the catchiest fucking hooks. Tony’s Dio influence has always been very much present and on this song I totally hear Sacred Heart era Dio. As a matter of fact, this song kind of reminds me of “Hungry For Heaven” only it doesn’t suck. Hey, as much as I love Dio I have no problem admitting that “Hungry for Heaven” was horrible. Anyways, this classic hidden gem from The Alliance is such a great listen and it has me without a doubt wanting to find all I can from this great band.


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