The Vintage Caravan – Arrival
Release Date: 2015
Label: Nuclear Blast

A trippy logo and vintage instruments does not a great psych rock band make. Icelandic rockers The Vintage Caravan’s latest album Arrival has to be some of the single most uninteresting music I have heard to date. Vintage Caravan is one of those bands that I can file away with bands like Mastodon and Royal Thunder as a band that aesthetically I should love but in reality I just find myself annoyed by.

Opening song “Last Day of Light” bored me to tears at nearly 6 minutes long and by the time the 3rd song “Babylon” kicked in I was pretty much feeling like I was clawing my way out of a box. Everything from the band’s name to the actual sound of the band is contrived, over thought, and just flat out un-original. I will hand it to these youngsters, at least they’re not Orchid and just flat out ripping of Sabbath. If anything, these kids seem to be pulling more from the 90’s grunge sound which, again, I tend to enjoy but these kids are just missing the mark.

The Vintage Caravan just sounds like a band that was signed based on a style of music that is popular at this moment. There are so many other bands out there that have so much more to offer in the line of great songwriting, diverse playing, and a more natural, real sound. The Vintage Caravan is really just one of those bands that I feel really has nothing to offer up to the genre. They are just another band making records that will be forgotten about before anyone can really come to know them. These guys get a “C” for effort but let’s face it, The Vintage Caravan totally missed the mark.


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