Kyng has returned with their third album, Breathe in the Water.  Ok, let me just cut to the chase here.  This album is fucking awesome.  I mean, there’s only so many ways I can express my excitement and love for an album.  Breathe in the Water is pretty much the album that I hoped that Kyng would make in wake of their 2014 album, Burn the Serum.  Kicking things off with “Pristine Warning” was very reminiscent of how “Burn the Serum” opened as it’s a juggernaut of a track.  The title track was also another great song that sounded like Kyng but “Closer to the End” is where I felt stopped dead in my tracks.

“Closer to the End” is such a fantastic song and what I love the most about this song is that it has Kyng side stepping from this kind of formulaic approach that they very easily could’ve found themselves taking.  Lead vocalist/guitarist Eddie Veliz pulled off some of his best vocal work to date on this song and the band’s overall performance on this song was nothing short of perfect.  “Show Me Your Love” is another unexpected turn.  Starting off as a dark, brooding, ballad, the song then takes a turn into Black Sabbath territory.  This is an absolutely beautiful song and once again shows Kyng’s ability to be versatile not be confined to any particular expectations.


The overall production of the album is absolutely mind bending.  This is the best I have heard Kyng sound yet on record and Breathe in the Water seems to be the album that has come the closest to capturing Kyng’s live sonic magic.  Bassist Tony Castendeda’s bass playing shines brightly as well as his outstanding harmony vocals while drummer Pepe Clarke’s playing continues to awe me.  As a whole, Kyng is a metal band that understands the importance of dynamics in sound.  Their lows are low, their highs are high, their mellows make you feel, and their heavys will kick your ass.   That isn’t something that just any and every band can pull off but on Breathe in the Water, Kyng has mastered it with ease.

All in all, I think it’s safe to say that Kyng has released their best album to date.  With every passing album and every passing tour, it seems that Kyng continues to absorb everything like a sponge.  They continue to grow as songwriters, as players, and as a live band.  Breathe in the Water is an album that, as a huge fan, makes me so happy to hear.  It proves to me that Kyng is a band that is never comfortable staying where they are and that they are a band that will continue to grow and present their fans with timeless, unforgettable music.


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