Tora Tora was (and still is) one of my favorite bands from the era.  Much like bands like Tesla and Cinderella, Tora Tora got lumped in with the “glam/hair” scene but musically they were so much more substantial than the bands they were categorized with.  Putting out three amazing albums spawning songs like “Walkin’ Shoes”, “Phantom Rider”, “Lay Your Money Down”, “Faith Healer”, and “Mississippi Voodoo Child” to name a few, Tora Tora was and still is a band that I find myself revising very frequently and the older I get, the better these songs seem to hold up and prove to be timeless hard rock classics.

Back in August of 2016, Memphis based hard rockers Tora Tora announced that their long time bassist Patrick Francis had been diagnosed with cancer.  Tora Tora regrouped (joined by good friend Lance McDaniel filling in for Francis on bass) and put on a Memphis studded performance to aid Francis and his family.  Francis kicked his cancer but, like always, the bills piled up and this is when his fellow comrades and friends pulled together to come to his aid.

On August 21, 2016, lots of Memphis Made bands EMN (Every Mothers Nightmare), Roxy Blue, The ShotGunBillys, Zach Myers, FEVERTREE, Amy Jamison, Surrender The Fall & Leslie Williams Caughron & Jeff Caughron all pitched in at Minglewood Hall to help out Patrick.  This blu-ray includes the Tora Tora reunion in its entirety. This special night was documented by David Cowell & Nick Hein and will now be released on blu-ray so that we can continue to support Tora Tora’s low-ender. ALL of the proceeds will go to continue to help Patrick Francis and family.

As of now, this special release will be limited and only available on blu-ray.  Order the Tora Tora Patrick Francis Benefit blu-ray HERE!


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