Earlier today, Pentagram announced that they’ll soon be touring Europe without renowned vocalist Bobby Liebling — their second set of shows as a trio, following four performances last month. The band’s statement on the matter was confusing to say the least; the group claimed that Liebling was in “a Maryland detention facility” and  “now awaiting a preliminary hearing at which time it will be determined if a follow-up on any alleged charges are necessary,” but they didn’t specify what those alleged charges were.

According to public records from the Maryland Judiciary (below), Liebling was arrested on April 10 for first-degree assault, one count of physical abuse of a “vulnerable adult,” and two counts of abuse against a “vulnerable adult” who is also a family member. All four charges are from the same date and were, presumably, against the same vulnerable family member.

It’s a real bummer when you hear about shit like this.  Bobby has been a loose cannon for years and the last time I saw hime here in Atlanta with Pentagram he was a hot fucking mess.  Beating the crap out of your elderly mother is just insane and while I know he’s been battling addiction and mental health issues for decades, this is just some disgusting shit.  I think it’s pretty safe to say that Bobby Liebling’s days are numbered.

For full story, head over to Metal Sucks.  Thanks to Metal Sucks for running this story.


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