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May 31, 2017
Atlanta, GA
The Masquerade
Review by Jacob Moulder

Beastmaker is not your standard, run of the mill stoner/doom metal band. They come at you with tons of hard hitting energy and shred that’s lacking from a lot of their peers in the genre. When Beastmaker hit the stage in Atlanta opening for Zakk Wylde’s Zakk Sabbath, they did so with enough power to run up the energy bill at the Masquerade.

Guitarist / vocalist Trevor William Church howls are reminiscent to me of the great Lee Dorrian of Cathedral, but with his own distorted flare. His riffage was powerful too, much like if you took the riffs of Pentagram, Trouble and Sabbath and blew them through a dirty air filter, just some awesome/nasty stuff! He and his bandmates really set the tone for the evening and made them feel like co-headliners. Drummer Andres Alejandro Saldate looked and sounded like an Evil John Bonham. There’s nothing I love more than a heavy hitting drummer, and he really laid a thrashing down on the skins and proved to be the perfect backbone to this band’s sonic performance. Bassist John Tucker could easily be David Ellefson’s hyper little brother, and kept the energy high throughout the set. His thunderous tone really ices the Beastmaker cake.

Seeing Beastmaker live takes their music to a whole other level, and their performance here in Atlanta shook my brain and core. I was thrilled that their set list heavily favored their latest LP “Inside the Skull”, and I highly recommend adding that banger to your collection. It’s been constant rotation for both before and after the show. Go check them out when their volume train rolls though your town.


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