Radio Moscow – New Beginnings
Release Date: September 29, 2017
Label: Century Media

Radio Moscow is a band that literally came and went off my radar pretty fucking quickly. A few years ago I saw them open for Graveyard and while my interest was piqued for the first few songs, I found myself soon being disengaged with them. I found them to be a little drab to be honest and after that show I never gave them much attention. Over the next few years they were a name that would pop up: “Hey bruh, are you like… into Radio Moscow?” I usually just smiled and said not really.

When I heard the band had put out a new album this year called New Beginnings, I just had to take a second to listen to it. When the opening title track kicked in, right away I found myself asking, “Is this the same fucking band?” It surely was and honestly, I was loving it. The grit, the groove, the bluesy southern stank, everything about this song was blowing my mind and it definitely left me wanting more. Lead singer/vocalist Parker Griggs definitely steers this ship with some of the tastiest guitar playing I’ve ever heard with instrumental “Woodrose Morning” feeling like a nod to some Rainbow era Ritchie Blackmore.

New Beginnings was a really fun listen but to be totally honest, it did seem to go on a bit long there for a bit. I think this is because Griggs and Co don’t really stray from their formula at all. The album seems to lack any real flow and I attribute that to the lack of dynamics in the songwriting. All the songs seem to be written while hopped on speed but at the same time they are played like it’s the last time this band will ever play. With performances like that, how can I not love it?

New Beginnings isn’t so much a moody album as it is a one mood album and that mood that you need to be in is one to rage and rock out. New Beginnings definitely isn’t a mellow album to drift off to. This is an album to just get balls to the wall nuts with and you know, sometimes we all need to be reminded just how good it feels to rock the fuck out.


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