ICEFISH is an exciting cutting-edge progressive rock outfit featuring legendary drummer Virgil Donati, guitarist Marco Sfogli, keyboardist Alex Argento, and bassist/vocalist Andrea Casali.
ICEFISH was formed as a result of Virgil working with Alex and Marco on his record ‘In This Life’, when — in their discussions regarding the direction the music would take — the guys discovered that they all had a singular musical vision. The remarkably talented Bassist/Vocalist Andrea Casali soon joined them to make the vision a reality. Members of ICEFISH have played and performed both on stage and in studio with a variety of artists including Tommy Emmanuel, Steve Vai, Allan Holdsworth, James LaBrie, Jordan Rudess, John Macaluso, Adam Nitti, Matt Guillory, Peter Wichers, Peter Wildoer, Ray Riendeau, Mike Mangini, Bryan Beller and others.

“Now that our debut album has been written, produced, mixed, and is finally out there,” says drummer Virgil Donati, “we can say with some conviction that our vision and our faith in each other has culminated in finding that ‘elusive’ new angle we strive for as composers and musicians. We look forward to the evolution of ICEFISH on the second record”!

1. Paralyzed
2. It Begins
3. Human Hardware
4. 5 Years
5. Revolution
6. Solitude
7. Your Eyes
8. Lost
9. The Pieces

ICEFISH have also released THE MAKING OF “HUMAN HARDWARE” available as a digital download or on Bluray. In this video chronicle, follow ICEFISH from their very first 2-day rehearsal together…highlighting their earliest compositions and jamming on ideas, through to actual sessions for the record, playthroughs, interviews, exclusive behind the scenes footage, and the first two official videos. THE MAKING OF also includes previously unpublished clips and unedited cuts.

To support the new album, ICEFISH is preparing now to hit the road and have chosen India as the exotic location in which they will play some of their first live gigs, followed by an extensive European tour later this year.


February 12 – ‘Mystery’ Gig, Verona (Invitation Only)
February 13 – Legend Club, Milano
February 14 – Blitz Live, Vico Pisano, Pisa
February 15 – Planet Live, Roma
February 16 – Saloon Public House, Roccaforzata (Taranto)
February 17 – Zoom Club, Marcellinara, Catanzaro
February 18 – MOB, Palermo

February 20 – Chateau Buskett, Malta

February 22 – Corporate Workshop (Virgil Donati)
February 23 – Opus Club, Bangalore
February 24 – Opus Club, Bangalore – Band Clinic

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