Episode II of the Dream Theater reality show “The Spirit Carries On” was released yesterday and man what an amazing watch. The talent that these guys have managed to find to audition is absolutely insane. It really puts into perspective that while Portnoy was really an amazing drummer, he’s not the ONLY amazing drummer out there. This time around they were working with Derek Roddy (Malevolent Creation, Hate Eternal, Serpent’s Rise) and he seemed to be an amazing drummer and really cool guy. I honestly felt that he was a bit out of his element though and didn’t seem to mesh like Mike Mangini did.

In addition to Derek Roddy the band auditioned Thomas Lang, Virgil Donati and Marco Minneman are featured in this episode. It’s so amazing to see how each drummer has their own unique style and way of approaching the Dream Theater material. I know it’s been rumored pretty heavily that Minneman might be the man but I’m still pulling for Mike Mangini at this point. He seems to be the one that really got that bands material and while adding his own flavor to it seemed really invested in the material and the sound of the band.


I can’t wait to see where this goes. Mike, The Brainfart is pulling for you buddy!


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