Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketThe Donnas are about to release their new album “Bitchin” on September 18th. This will be their first album since 2004’s “Gold Medal. I’ve been a HUGE fan of The Donnas ever since I heard their 2001 album “Spend The Night”. What first drew me to them was the sound. They sounded like The Runaways and The Ramones got together and had a child… well, 4 of them to be exact! The sound was fun, raw, and totally uninhibited! In a time where radio music was emo and drab and whiney, The Donnas came a long and really just gave everyone a huge kick in the ass. Unfortunately, their success wasn’t totally huge and mainstream but it was enough to make waves and let the world know they were here!With the release of 2002’s “Spend The Night”, The Donnas managed to have a popular single w/ the track “Take It Off”.

The song and the video were fun and really showed The Donnas for not only being great musicians but for being fun and exciting. Also, they successfully broke the stereotype of being just another set of pretty faces by showing that they could really kick some ass as well!

Their following album “Gold Medal was Atlantic Records attempt to cash in on The Donnas newfound mainstream success and create a polished, poppy sounding record that went against the grain of The Donnas. The result was not very successful and most die-hard Donnas fan felt that this just wasn’t who they really were. Butch Walker was brought in to produce and co-write w/ the band. To be honest, I was really sad to hear this as I think Butch Walker is just a washed up waste. I mean, he can’t even keep his own career on track much less help out another band. The album wasn’t really THAT bad to be honest. There were some great songs such as the single “Fall Behind Me”, “Revolver” and the songs “Friends Like Mine” which I thought were really who they were. The rest of the album just seemed to lack the enthusiasm and excitement of their previous albums. They didn’t tour very long for this album but doing some spotty headline shows and some dates opening for Maroon 5 on the Honda Civic Tour.

The release of their newest album “Bitchin” is something that all Donnahollics have been waiting for desperately. The band has left their major label constraints and have formed their own label, Purple Feather Records. This is their chance to re-claim that power and freedom to make the record that THEY, as a band not only want to make, but the record they feel they want to present to the fans as a statement of their new found independence!

I am REALLY looking forward to this album/tour and it should be a great time. If you wanna hear a preview of the first single off of “Bitchin”, head over to The Donnas MySpace Page and check it out!



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