3 Inches of Blood – Long Live Heavy Metal
Release Date: March 26, 2012
Highlights: Metal Woman, My Sword Will Not Sleep, Leather Lord, Chief of the Blade, Dark Messenger, Die For Gold, Storming Juno, One For The Ditch

Canada’s 3 Inches of Blood have returned with the long awaited follow up to 2009’s Here Waits Thy Doom and has proven that good things do indeed come to those who wait. The opening track “Metal Woman” starts off with a powerhouse scream from vocalist Cam Pipes that would make King Diamond do a double take. It’s a great way to open things and it doesn’t stop there. “Leather Lord” slams you right upside the head with the NWOBHM (New Wave of British Heavy Metal) inspired riffage of guitarists Shane Clark and Justin Hagberg while showcasing the massive talents of drummer Ash Peterson. The dark, folk inspired acoustic instrumental “Chief and the Blade” was a really cool and unique lead in for the song “Dark Messenger” which is reminiscent of something you’d hear from a classic King Diamond album.

After numerous lineup changes over the years, Long Live Heavy Metal is the 2nd album to feature a stable line up and it really shows. You can tell that this line up has really had time to gel and settle into a stable and comfortable place. Long Live Heavy Metal is a really consistently great album and the band sounds focused, driven, and full of fire. Long Live Heavy Metal is a great nod to the genre of Heavy Metal and it completely lives up to its name. It is a testament that classic heavy metal is alive and well and the torch continues to be carried high. Anyone who thinks that classic metal is dead needs rest assure that 3 Inches of Blood are the reigning preservers of the sound. 3 Inches of Blood really nailed it on this album. Long Live Heavy Metal indeed.


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Fist Banging Mania says:

3 Inches of Blood – Long Live Heavy Metal

Arise from the ’80s and attack with the gay
The killing won’t stop until first wipe
We’ll bring you to Canada because we want to enslave
Hole will be frozen with fright
We’ll break through the crust, leave from our trailers
Protected by eternal Pabst
Lay down the laws from our moronic scripts
Bringing you nothing but Ass


Ruling your strip malls, controlling your towns
Entrapped in your worst nightmare
Piercing my ears with this horrible sound
Casting my elusive care
Jarome Iginla laughs, his needs are fulfilled
The Flames are now burning hot
Ass riffs are churning, the people are bored
Audio torture the reason we fought


Kill them fags

Now they take over and rule by Ass Metal
Enjoy their much hated stain
Halford’s cock’s what they want and they won’t settle
Until they drive you insane
Attacking the young by killing the old
Bleeding with every lame beat
Darkness has fallen when this record is sold
Claws will dig into your man meat
When the crowd doesn’t come and the hipsters don’t bite
Know that your career is at its end
Rendered fanless so scream out fright
Ass Metal gone with the wind


thegreatsouthernbrainfart thegreatsouthernbrainfart says:

I guess this dude doesn’t like 3iOB but I have to give the dude an A+ for making me laugh my fucking ass off.

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